On a day when Cameron is accused of arrogance from one of his own party’s donors- I mean how dare he be summoned to Parliament to answer questions:

David Cameron himself was absolutely furious at being asked to come to the Commons to answer an urgent question on Hunt. I do not see what he has to be so annoyed about, unless perhaps he is deep down annoyed with himself and the mess he is in. More likely, he just didn’t like his enemy Speaker Bercow ordering him to turn up.

We have this rather depressing article by Mary Riddell in the Telegraph:

For the first time, a working majority in 2015 does not look beyond Mr Miliband’s grasp. Anything could happen in these volatile times. Labour could combust as fast as the Government has disintegrated, and Mr Cameron could become a three-term legend. Even so, the traceless rise of Ed Miliband should not be under-estimated. As of today, the election is Labour’s to lose. 

So the choice is apparently only between Cameron or Millband? It’s the political equivalent of wishing to be hit either by a car doing 39mph or one doing 40mph…


Splicing The Mainbrace

After a weekend of indulging in very rare joy (you have to appreciate these things fully when you can) I’ve spent the morning catching up, so blogging will hopefully resume again shortly.

Looks like not much has changed; the euro is still knackered, democracy is still non-existent and the coalition is still useless.

Ho hum…

"You Get Found Out"

In truth I’ve not been following the details of the Leveson Inquiry that closely. I suspect it won’t tell us much that we don’t already know or have guessed at – it’ll only just put slightly more detail into the mix.

But it is rather nauseating watching various vested interests trying to take the moral high over the revelations when they were all involved in the cosy consensus at one point or another. This is not a ‘left / right’ battle but an ‘us and them’ one.

In the meantime one can take some amusement at the impact on Cameron and revel in his discomfort. Alarmed Downing Street aides have apparently remarked:

“We are aware that we have created a ——- great monster here,”

We’re not even two years into this government and already it’s resembling a shambles, the lack of ability or substance at the top obvious. Cameron’s lack of judgement is coming to the fore.

Even Murdoch appears to be imbued with similar characteristics at times. Asked whether he thought the Prime Minister was “lightweight” during his time as opposition leader, Mr Murdoch replied: 

“No. Not then, certainly.” 

Not then? The implication is clear what he thinks now, but it leaves one wondering what took him so long to reach such a conclusion?

It reminds me of this excerpt below from the classic book Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby:

One of the great things about sport is its cruel clarity; there is no such thing, for example, as a bad 100m runner, or a hopeless centre-half who got lucky; in sport, you get found out.

I’m tempted to apply this to the Cameron-led coalition. “Wait ’till Dave gets in” was the cry before the election. Well now he’s in, he’s been found out.

Update: As Richard North says, Cameron’s now damaged goods

Lamprey Pie

The Daily Mail Wails:

For the people of Gloucester, it wouldn’t be a Jubilee year without a lamprey pie.

In a custom stretching back for centuries, the city marks every one of these royal milestones – as well as Coronations – by sending the monarch a traditional dish made with an eel-like fish native to local rivers.

But this time around the uniquely British recipe will have to be prepared with lampreys from abroad, due to a shortage of the species in Gloucester waters.

So instead we have to import them from Canada:

The Canadian sea lamprey are set to arrive in Britain on May 4, when Dr Marc Gaden of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission will present them to Gloucester City Council.

It may seem an enormous effort to spare one pie’s worth of Severn lamprey, but Steve Axford, the Environment Agency’s principal fisheries scientist, said it was important ‘to protect them and conserve stocks’.

He told the Daily Telegraph the Severn Estuary is home to all three species of lamprey and has been designated as a conservation area.

‘We have a duty to protect them, and safeguard rivers,’ he said.

Well of course we have a duty to protect them…they have a conservation status as per Annexes II and V of the EU Habitats Directive. Funnily enough after 40 years of EU membership the Mail still can’t bring itself to mention details like this.

Her Majesty’s Government

Criticising usually is the easy part, and working out how to resolve a problem the hard part. But when it comes to our constitution the former seems to take on a difficultly as well when trying to get it right.

It’s understandable that Americans may not fully understand our subtleties and nuances of centuries of changes but less excusable when it’s our own Prime Minister and those who are charged with holding our system of government to account. The BBC interviewed with Douglas Carswell last Thursday. At around 01:19mins in Mr Carswell was asked the following question by a BBC presenter:

“But this is your Government, would you vote against it, if you had a chance?”

Carswell rightly corrects him:

I point out that I’m not a member of this Government…I sit on the backbenches, I’m a member of the Legislature, my job is to hold this Government to account.

Is it any wonder the media fail so miserably in their supposed role as the fourth estate when they can’t even get the basics right?

Getting It Wrong

It’s not just the news, but the media struggle with details regarding sport particularly football – despite being a lucrative staple of the MSM and Sky Sports.

So given the high profile nature of Swindon Town’s manager you would think some fact checking would be done regarding his name, at least. But no, above is an image from Sky Sports regarding Swindon’s recent promotion.

And in the Telegraph last year:

It’s Paolo not Paulo, his name is easily found on Wikipedia. And this is a mistake describing a former Premiership player who’s on the list of best goals scored since its inception.