MPs Shouldn’t Blog

So says Tory MP Nadine Dorries…on her blog!

In the article, in which I very clearly define the reasons why MPs should not blog or Twitter…

Nadine then goes on to ask the all important question; “Is there such a thing as Twitter addiction?”:

I wonder if very soon someone is going to identify a Twitter syndrome and we get to read about people who have become compulsive Tweeters. Will we hear stories of people who Tweet, oh I don’t know, say 50 times a day and need to go into re-hab?

I will put money on that being a Daily Mail story one day.

The more I read her post the more I hope it’s a wind-up, if it’s not then I truly despair. Is this what the calibre of MPs has come to?

Update: Blimey Nadine’s post has caused a bit of a stir here, here, here and here.


Red Flag

Above is the ‘Red Flag’ moment from the Labour conference this afternoon, and as you can see not many of the Labour members know the words, reading as they are from cards.

A Question Of Timing

On the same day that angry protests swept across European cities – the largest in Brussels, near the EU Commission – saying ‘no to austerity measures’, the EU Commission presented new proposals for economic governance with particular regard to fiscal deficits:

Finally, because our proposals are directly and immediately applicable to the Euro area countries, therefore addressing some of the roots of the recent crisis of sovereign debt in the Euro area.

We will consider excessive deficits and excessive debts on an equal basis. Debt is as damaging and needs to be addressed more seriously than in the past. To help member states coordinate more effectively their fiscal policies, we propose minimum requirements for national fiscal frameworks to make sure that they are in line with Treaty obligations.

All of which in the present climate will force countries to run more austerity policies. Whoops.

Emergency Bra

Don’t ask how I found this but wtf:

‘Emergency bra’ mixes underwear with a gas mask

The ‘emergency bra’, created by Ukrainian scientist Dr Elena Bodnar, went on sale this week on the internet, costing $30 (£18).

She says it can easily be removed, split into two and turned into a face mask to filter out harmful chemicals.

The bra is described online as “an Emergency Bra, Nursing Bra, Two Face Masks [and] Strapless bra.”

Dr Bodnar invented the bra mask after studying fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in the Ukraine in 1986.

Instructions From London

From Roger Helmer Tory MEP this rather revealing post:

Back in July we were voting in the Strasbourg Plenary on the proposal to set up the EEAS — the European External Action Service, or EU Diplomatic Service (under the wise and guiding hand of Baroness Ashton). And looking down the voting list, I and a couple of colleagues saw that we were whipped to vote in favour.

It had to be a mistake. As a Party, we’ve always opposed the EEAS, and we opposed the Lisbon Treaty which provided its legal basis (or at least we opposed Lisbon until it was ratified). But clearly we would not actually be voting in favour — would we?

I turned round to our Foreign Affairs Spokesman (at least we still regard EU issues as foreign, even if Brussels regards them as domestic), Charles Tannock MEP (London), two rows behind me, and I shouted “Hey Charles, there’s a mistake. We’re down to vote YES on EEAS!”. To which he replied “That’s right. Instructions from London”.

So which way now for euro-sceptics in the Party (which is most of the membership)? I have written to William Hague requesting an explanation of this volte face, but to date have received no reply.

To his credit Roger voted no, but as he pertinently asks which way now for Tory eurosceptics.? There is a simple answer to that one, but how many of them will listen?

The Ryder Cup

I don’t follow golf with much interest, it’s notable for being the only sport where I support the USA, even more so now:

TEAM Europe will have a new flag-waving supporter cheering them off the first tee on Friday. José Manuel Barroso – the president of the European Commission – will be speaking at the opening ceremony tomorrow night and will remain on to watch the golf the following morning.